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Red PDG Logo Architecture Design Firm London

Photography by Li Mullen


PDG Architecture Design Directors. Three men posing for the camera and smiling in front of a red brick wall in Farringdon London, UK.
    Our style is simple and contemporary. We aim to provide places that make a difference in people’s lives, irrespective of scale; places that adapt and promote growth, development and change.
    Our success is built upon our reputation in our profession. We listen carefully to our clients, paying attention to detail and consistent delivery of high quality projects.
    Our team brings a cohesive blend of talents that not only complement each other but also match your needs, both creatively and functionally. We always offer the right balance of managerial, design and technical skills.

PDG is a company of talented and creative individuals; passionate about designing buildings, spaces and places that are innovative, progressive and environmentally responsible. We pride ourselves in offering a personalised service covering a diverse range of commercial, residential and retail clients.

Our staff have an exceptional range of talent and experience which is shown through fresh design and technical maturity. Our non-hierarchical structure allows empowerment and enthusiasm ensuring that PDG constantly looks at advancing technologies to provide creative and appropriate solutions.

We have confidence in what we do and how we do it, to understand and implement a Client’s requirements efficiently and effectively, ensuring a high standard and professional service is maintained at all times.

Our three founding members: Allan, John & Warren, are highly talented and experienced individuals with over 90 years of combined professional experience having worked together for 25 years.

Photography by Li Mullen



PDG Architecture Team, London, UK

Gary Schofield
Senior Technical Consultant

PDG Architecture Team, London, UK

Selina Do-Prince
Architectural Technologist

PDG Architecture Team, London, UK

Josh Dove
Design Manager

PDG Architecture Team, London, UK

Uttara Godbole
Architectural Technologist

PDG Architecture Team, London, UK

Warren Bone
Senior Technical Consultant

PDG Architecture Team, London, UK

Rachel Anderson
Architectural Consultant

PDG Architecture Team, London, UK

Rupert Everett
Project Director

PDG Architecture Team, London, UK

Shaun Bagnall
Senior Architectural Technologist


Sara Fontana
Senior Architect

PDG Architecture Team, London, UK

Stanley Yu
Architectural Assistant


Sophie Simpson
Architectural Technician


PDG Architecture Team Dogs, London, UK

Sonny Bone
Bark-eting Manager

PDG Architecture Team Dogs, London, UK

Holly Stanton
Fur-nancial Advisor

Jeff Do-Prince
Pawject Manager

PDG Architecture Team Dogs, London, UK
PDG Architecture Team Dogs, London, UK

Finn 'Captain Morgan'
Pup-Lick Relations

Exchange House by PDG Architecture London UK


Pure Design Groups Environmental Policy is based on a commitment to sustainable development in design, to protect the environment, minimise the waste of renewable and non-renewable resources and reduce energy consumption. 


We are committed to reducing the Carbon Footprint and working towards a more sustainable future.


Throughout its activities and services, the company will endeavour to minimise any adverse impact on the environment by means of pollution prevention and energy and water conservation. In this way, cost savings, increased operational efficiency and improved quality of products and services will be achieved as well as maintaining a healthy workplace for the company's employees.

OUR SUSTAINABLE OFFICE Wherever it is reasonably viable to do so in our office environment, we: + Minimise waste (including internal recycling of material before disposing of it) Printing is kept to a minimum and where possible documents are sent via e-mail + Utilise energy-efficient equipment and components and environmentally friendly products + Recycle waste products and materials. All paper and card is recycled using “First Mile” Recycling + Avoid the use of non sustainable resources + Encourage staff to use less polluting forms of transport. We operate a Ride2work programme and where practical walk to meetings + Every endeavour will be made to ensure that the Company meets its responsibilities by conforming to all applicable Environmental Legislation and regulatory requirements, and with other requirements to which the company subscribes; in relation to its environmental aspects + Clients and suppliers will be encouraged to support the same objectives by minimising environmental impact through waste and reducing energy consumption whenever possible.


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Photography by Li Mullen

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